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Advice on Physical Science

 A Few Instructions to Score High Marks in Physical Science in Madhyamik :

       Physical Science in the secondary stage is a mixed subject. A part is related to both physics and chemistry and other two parts are physics and chemistry, so to get high marks in physical science equal weightage should be given on both physics and chemistry:

        In the Secondary Examination two questions from group `A', three from each Group 'B' and 'Cí are to be answered. The other two from any Group. Ten questions are to. be answered.

        The students must go through at least two standard textbooks of physical science thoroughly, in addition to that some techniques and procedures should be followed.

        Go through the textbooks thoroughly, write the answers of the questions of the textbooks, check the answers with the textbook.

        In any examination the answer script is very important. To get high marks, the answer script must be neat and clean and as a whole it must be properly arranged: Neat and clean answer paper, correct spelling, good handwriting can influence any examiner.   

        On the left side of the script a margin of one inch and half-a-inch margin should be kept on the top and the right side of the script. Group No. and question No. should be written clearly and properly within the margin.

        The selection of questions is very important: At first go through all the questions. Select the questions which can be answered correctly. Try to select the objective-type questions. Avoid essay-type and descriptive-type questions.

        In your answers, put stress on the points of the answer. The answers must be brief, language of the answers should be simple and clear. In case of any mistake pen through and rewrite. Avoid overwriting.

        If possible produce the answers of the same group accordingly. Write the answers of the same question in the same place. Answers must be according to the marks distribution of the questions.

        Try to keep a small gap between answers of different questions. Number of part questions in Physical Science is maximum. Answers of part questions should be written separately with proper marks on the left hand side to distinguish those.

        Proper diagrams should be drawn with the answers. Use HB or micro tip pencils. Don't put free-hand diagram, always use proper instruments.

        In case of laboratory method of preparation of light, diagrams are compulsory.

        In Physical Science mention of units is very important.

        In case of any chemical reaction balanced chemical equations must be given. In case of what happens when questions, chemical equation is a must. Otherwise you will get only 50% mark. Mention the conditions and visible changes. Prepare a chart of symbols, formulae and valencies of the elements (common) and radicals: Read the chart from time to time. This will help to write correct formula and chemical equation.

        In case of sums, mention of the related working formula or the balanced chemical equation is a must. Mention all the steps, don't jump to another step.

        Go through the sum at least three times, note the units, if necessary convert the units to same system (i.e. CGS or SI) and start the sum. Mention the units in the answer.

        Distinction or comparison, similarities or dissimilarities should be answered in tabular form. In ease of comparison put both similarities and dissimilarities. In case of distinction, only the dissimilarities are to be mentioned.

        In the secondary question papers, few questions are generally set from the texts of classes VII & VIII. Go through those textbooks several times.

        In the diagrams of light, arrow marks must be given in case of rays otherwise you will be penalised.

        In physical science, there is good number of definitions and laws. In those cases, use the language of standard textbooks. Practice the definitions and the laws writing repeatedly.