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Captaincy of Dravid

Copy of Email sent to BBC, Indian Express, Telegraph, Hindu, Ananda Bazar on 15.10.2005

Captain is like a headmaster of a school. He takes very few classes. His primary business is to get maximum from the teacher and the students that is man-management. So did Ganguly. Every time he need not score century. “The captain will lead from the front” is a vague idea. Many times it is seen that the captain has scored a century but the team has lost. Where is the meaning then ? Rajan Bala was a good Radio commentator along with Pearson Surita and Surajit Sen, whose business is to give running commentary of a match. But his judgement that Ganguly's contribution in all test wins is very less. Any child can understand that a captain's strategy, wit in the field, use of the bowlers and field placement at the right moment for the right person is the only criteria that a match can be won. He is a challenging captain who dares to defeat Australia and England with courage.

As soon as Ganguly became captain we were perplexed to see his aggressive field placement comparable only with Bobby Simpson, Garry Sobers, Ray Illingworth, all of whose play I have seen.

A PhD may not be a good teacher. It is a special quality everybody can not have. Many people with mediocre result is very good teachers who can read the face of a student. A good captain can bring out the best of his players. Ganguly has shown it again and again. Yubraj, Bhajji,Jaheer, Sewag, Kaif, Irfan are examples. They will never confess it like Yubi anf Bajji out of fear of the great dictator C and the mad cap Dungarpur. Dravir is a gentleman, a wall, a good batsman for test only. He is no match for Ganguly. Don't forget the brain, immediate wit and the command over the gain, Ganguly’s will and wit will never be of Dravirs. Dravir can be a pillar and asset in the team but not . His maxim rise may be upto VC. Ganguly will come back like a BOMBSHELL. Then all the present pundits will enter into the holes. Chapel, a primary school headmaster with a cane can not be successful in cricket. The players have to play in the ground, where tremendous wit is necessary which a coach can not supply from outside. Chappel wants only YESMEN which a senior player like Laxman, Sachin, Ganguly can not provide. Sachin is out of form, so he is trying to enter the field by oiling a little. So is the case of Dravir. If Chappel would have been a great coach then Aus or Eng would have taken him. Just like all rejected things by USA we chew. So is the fuzz with chappel.

Only Ganguly can reply in the Lords against Flintop’s action in India. He is a Bengali, a race of freedom fighters of Netaji’s quality. Ganguly dares to compare in the face of Greg that his record and Greg's are almost same “Ganguly: Test/Win/Loss : 49/21/13 with Jaheer and Pathan But Greg : 48/21/13 with Lily. Thomson. Any captain can win with Lily, Thompson. This hard truth could not be accepted by Greg. I know that, I have seen plays of all of them except Greg, as he did not come to India.

 We should never take an Australian coach. Don't forget Malcolm Speed belongs to Aus. He is afraid of only two persons- Dalmia and Ganguly. Chapel belongs to that category. Finally Indian fanatical cricket lovers will realise very soon what they have done. The present team selection and captain selection will be boomerang to the indian selectors. Chandu Borde, Chauhan as chairmen understood Ganguly and listened to him. They played cricket in the highest level with dignity and command. What credential do the present selectors have

Kiran More- Test:49 Aggr:1285 Avg: 25.70, 50s-7, No hundred.

Chandrasekhar, No Test

Pranab Roy:Test 2 Aggr: 71 Avg: 35.5,

Yashpal Sharma: Test-37, Aggr:1606, Avg 33.5

It is unfortunate that our selection committee is such that they will always lick Greg's chappal. Just like in British period many indians were licking the legs of white skins. Only Gavaskar can dare to refuse life membership from MCC. Only Murali can dare to tell “I will never play in Aus again” What to tell about Bedi, Dungarpur and Shstri. We remember every detail of their comments from the inception of Ganguly’s captaincy. The greatest blame that is given to Ganguly that he has called a press conferrence and said that he was asked to resign. No greater lie can be there. It is the repeated poke of Harsha Bogle to Ganguly in presence of Gavaskar that Ganguly had to tell the truth. Many crickers do not have the courage to tell the truth.

I am sending an article of Tony Greig published in today’s Telegraph from Calcutta, where he says Coaches belong to subordinate staff. Captain is the head of a team. Our black skin fellow indians will always lick the chappals of Whites. See Tony Greg.