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Binomial Theorem :     Permutation+Combination
Higher Secondary Mathematics - An Introduction :  
 Advice to the new comers                                            Sagnik Roy
                                                                                      HS Maths-100
                                                                                        WBJE - 140
 My dear students,

  I welcome you to the intermediary stage of your academic career. This stage will      lead you to your cherished goal or target of life. Hence this is a very crucial stage. Many students doing very well in Madhyamik get lost after HS due to lack of proper guidance, self conceit and hollow pride and become hydra-headed. In my 38 years’ teaching career I have seen many students after getting 100 in Madhyamik Maths
feel that they have learnt everything. Mathematics is a growing organism. Even after solving 5000 sums you may come across many new sums with new clues but of the same syllabus which were unknown to you. Hence I warn you not to hype too much. 

HS Maths is FIVE times harder than Madhyamik Maths. You need to apply yourself 100% from the very first day till the final examinations. Don’t be frightened. You may not be able to solve a problem even after trying several times. But you have to take it as a challenge and get the sum solved with the help of examples or teachers. You have the potential, you can do it if you have the courage and WILL. 

Mathematics is a sequential subject. One chapter leads to the next chapter. You will not understand anything in a class if you are absent in the previous class for any silly reason. Taking xerox from your friend’s copy will not help in any way. Ultimately you will lose interest in Maths and then leave the teacher giving him the blame that he can not teach well. So, make it a point from now itselt that you will not miss any class unless you are sick. 

Monthly Tests are very important. It gives you a chance to evaluate or assess yourself as to how you are progressing. Some students avoid monthly tests. They don’t want to be caught that they are not studying properly just like the simpleton hare hides his face in a hole but keeping the body outside thinking that the hunting dog is not seeing him. Please don’t spoil your career by doing so. 

We the Narendrapurians take various vows before the ‘sacred fire’ at the time of “Vidyarthi Brata” just after the admission, that we will honour our parents and teachers and follow their advice in pursuit of our future career and study seriously. “matridevo bhavo, pitridevo bhaco, acharyadevo bhavo” “Pursuit of knowledge or studies is the only goal of a student” Accepting this advice from the Upanishad heart and soul, we will pursue our life. “Chatranam adhyanam tapah, iti shutivakyam avodharya, kayena, manasa, vacha……..” 

Don’t be shy or ashamed to ask questions or proper explanation to your teacher. He
is your guide, he will surely help you. Sri Ramakrishna said, “ If you come one step, I will go forward five steps towards you.” A teacher is also like that, always ready to help you. You must not avoid him. 

There will be extra classes once a week of 2 hours duration in class – XII for those who are interested and will show sincerity in studies in class – XI, exclussively for Joint Entrance Test in MCQ pattern and a good number of collection of sums will be taught. It will cost Rs 6,000 for a year for outside students but free for you. Only thing is you have to show the competence for that. 

    “Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is reached.”
                                                          - Swami Vivekananda
Practical Guidelines For HS (Sc + Arts + Com)

Text Books : 

(a) Higher Maths : Part-I by S N Dey    (b) Rudiments of Maths : Part-I

    1.  20 Years HS papers are to be solved.
    2.  Old sums from JE Papers come in HS frequently. So you have to solve at least 10 years JE Papers.
    3.  It is always advisable to solve problems with a friend of your likings. Joint effort will give solutions to many problems.
    4.  At the end of two years you will not be able to locate many solutions done by you in your copies. So from the beginning make separate copies for different sections with Date & Index on the cover.
    5.  Always take help from the examples of different books. Understand the solutions first and then solve them independently without seeing the book in between.
    6.  Always note the mistakes you have committed in different tests. Make it a point to learn it immediately by repeated practice. Mistakes once pointed out by your teacher, should be eliminated from your mind for ever.
    7.  Success depends 80% on Self effort and 20% on teachers help
Continuous memory practice is necessary for the improvement of your   knowledge.