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For Joint Entrance Examinees :    Very Important information :       
=======================       01) Closing Rank-2006-JU        
Books :                                                      02) Closing Rank-2006-Others 
   (a) MCQ Maths by A Bhattacharya      03) Engg Seat Matrix-2007       
   (b) MCQ Rudiments of Maths            
04) Counselling Schedule-2007
   (c) MCQ Maths by Teachersí Concern  
05) Seat in Pvt Col-2007           
Important Advice :
    1.  20 Years JE papers are to be solved. Always hunt for a shorter method without omitting logical steps.
   2.  It is taken for granted that you are better than other students. You have to show it by your attitude towards the subject. Take everything like a challenge. Donít give up. Continuous hard labour will make you brilliant.
   3.  Be firm but not tensed. Be relaxed but determined that you must get good rank in JEE. Then success will be yours. I will always help you in all possible ways.
   4.  The present method of Joint Entrance Examination in MCQ pattern requires high skill to pick the clue of a sum very quickly and to get the answer in a twinkle of a second.
   5.  Practice regularly MCQ Tests to answer 25 sums in 15 minutes by ticking the correct option. Check the answer scrip yourself and find out the mistakes and rectify them immediately.
   100 sums are to be answered in 120 minutes. That means you will get 72 seconds for a sum. Hence from the very beginning follow shorter method. You can also get the answer mentally and tick the correct option. You will be given full credit. Your next student in the next bench will get a different question paper. So there is no scope of copying or hall collection.
   As per new system from JE 2008, 80 marks will be of MCQ type and 20 marks will be of objective type. No answer will be given for the second part. You have to find out the answers in very short time.

I shall take 4 tests of 50 marks [1 hour 30 min] each for objective type;
2 MCQ tests of 50 marks [1 hour] each and 2 MCQ tests of 100 marks
[2 hours] each. Tests will start from 19.05.2008.