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What is meditation ?

    Meditation is practice of concentration of mind. 

In the Upanishads, it is defined as "abichchhinna-taila-dharavat".

If you pour mustard oil from a big tin of 16 kg capacity to a small vessel, you will observe that oil-flow looks like static brown bar without any shaking or movement. 

Meditation means continuous flow of thought from your mind to the desired object. You can meditate on any idol like 1) Sri Ramakrishna  2) Ma Sarada  3) Swami Vivekananda  4) Shiva  5) Buddha  6) Ma Kali  7) Ma Saraswati or even on your pet dog. 

If you try to meditate on any day on anything, you will observe that your mind is running here and there and you are unable to bring it back to your desired object. Then only you can understand the actual restlessness of your mind. 

Relevance to Studies : 

Swami Vivekananda said, " If I am to start my education afresh, I shall first learn meditation or concentration of mind. With a concentrated mind I can learn more in minimum time." 

Take the examples of the students of Narendrapur where I was the hostel superintendent for many years. I was specially successful to guide the boys of IX - XI at their adolescent period, which is very crucial for their academic life. 

As it is a residential school all the boys were provided equal facilities at their hostels called Bhavans. 

Suppose Manas and Harish are two boys of the same class and are living in the same hostel. They go to study hall in the evening from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. They are provided individual chair & table for each. A teacher sits on the back seat. 

After two hours it is very often observed that Manas has acquired more knowledge than Harish. What is the reason of this difference ? The difference is in the concentration of mind. 

Hence it is made compulsory for students from Class-V to BSc-Hons to sit for meditation both in the morning & evening in the shrine of their hostel and it worked very well. 

A huge number of students commit CARELESS-MISTAKES. The root cause of it is the lack of concentration of mind. 

I have tried it outside the campus of Narendrapur : 

One student named Chingu [Venkatramn] of St Lawrence High School came to my class in class-X at my Golf Green residence. His father was the works manager of hindustan lever. He used to roam about up to 10 pm with friends and then come back to home. He had no bad habits of smoking, going to cinema or bar or mixing with unwarranted guys. 

Two months after admission, one day I told him that I want to see his study room-cum bed room. So on one evening I visited his room at 6.30 pm and asked him to take bath and come to me. I made him sit on "Sukhasan" [ see the photo of Sri Ramakrishna ] and taught meditation. I told him to do this every morning and evening without any break. I had my dinner with them. The result was very impressive. 

One day, all of a sudden his parents came to my residence and asked me what have I done to Chingu. I said, "why, what has happened ?"  They said that he is a changed boy now. 

After Madhyamik, Chingu came back to me for studying Maths in Class-XI. I said that I don't take Maths class for XI. He said that he will not study Mathematics at all if I don't teach him, such was the confidence in me. At that time I used send all my Madhyamik students to other teachers. 

He is my first XI student at Golf Green and he was the only student I taught at that time. He got chance in JEE and got admission to Tricy Engg College (Electronics) which was next to IIT. Every time when he used to come back to Kolkata (home) he visited me and asked for future guidance. At present he is in Dubai working in a multinational company. 

This is just an example. I can give at least 10 examples like Chingu.  

So my advice to all my present students is to practice meditation twice daily to improve your concentration of mind. With a concentrated mind you can acquire more knowledge in less time. 

Take another example : 

If you look at your shirt you will see only the cloth. If you use a lens you can see the fibres by which the cloth is made. If you use even a more powerful lens you can see the cotton by which the threads are made. 

So if you can increase the power of your mind by regular practice of meditation, you can penetrate a subject or you can enter into the depth of the subject.